The Nilon Report with Bill Gunnin and Peter Bartolotta – 7/30/13


– Why Now Show 1, Show 2

1/26/13 Radio interview WENG radio withPeter Bartolotta. NOTE: scroll down to 2013-01-26-10-YOUR-COMMUNITY-JOURNAL 

3/24/12  Radio interview WENG radio with Mimi Steger & Peter Bartolotta. NOTE: scroll down to 2012-03-

3/20/12 North Port EDC presents their position at commission joint meeting during public comment. Mimi Steger, Robert Rosenberg and Peter Bartolotta encourage the city and county to look at the big picture. NOTE: NPEDC Comments start at 8:49 

1/23/12 Advisory board member Robert McMillan interviewed on China, the Panama Canal, and Illegal Immigrants  

11/12/11 WENG  Radio interview WENG radio with Peter Bartolotta. NOTE: scroll down to 2011-11-