The economic vitality of North Port depends upon our commitment to work together to develop, present, and manage an economic development strategy that engages the public, private, and civic sectors, and works to implement that strategy in an inclusive manner.

The North Port Economic Development Corporation (NPEDC) functions as a non-profit private economic development organization in the city of North Port, and will work collaboratively with the public private and civic sectors to ensure the plan’s success.

Membership/Investment in our organization will make a difference in developing the future of North Port, this region and more importantly in people’s lives by encouraging and sustaining a vibrant economy.

With your membership in the North Port EDC, you are joining a growing number of businesses, organizations, and citizens who believe that the economic viability of North Port is important to our region, and who want to play a role in that future.

Strategic Plan

The NPEDC will define economic strategies and plans that ensure the economic viability of the city. These plans will be developed, updated, and managed through ongoing discussions with members of the NPEDC.

Marketing & Public Relations

The NPEDC will encourage business participation in the economic growth of North Port through positive marketing and public relations programs. Whenever possible, reference will be made to collective and/or individual members of the NPEDC.

Workforce Training and Development

Knowing the workforce we have, understanding the workforce we need, and defining the skill sets needed to meet today’s jobs and future jobs requires a dedicated team. Creating those jobs and hiring the employees who are trained in them requires an involved business community. We are committed to engaging the education and business community to ensure that we have the best trained workforce.

To foster and encourage positive and measurable economic development through entrepreneurial thinking, collaboration and innovation.

We welcome you to consider membership in our organization.

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