Role of NPEDC



  • Facilitate projects that are developed by the North Port Economic Development Corp (NPEDC). This includes the continuation of the “Opportunity Acquisition” and “ACTION” programs. These programs focus on developing our community resources and developing economic metabolism for the city. As a result of these programs activity occurs which focuses on specific, defined outcomes.
  • Advocate for economic development to the city. This entails an open dialogue with the city regarding obstacles that stand in the way of economic development and solutions that address those obstacles.
  • Connect economic development prospects with community resources.  An example would be to arrange meetings between the prospect and community leaders to discuss the assets of the city.  In this area, we are a resource to the City of North Port’s Economic Development Division.
  • Encourage businesses to relocate and/or expand their operations to North Port and to guide them through the relocation process.
  • Seek to create a positive governmental climate that is conducive to a healthy economic environment.