Target Industries

The City of North Port has targeted 5 key industries for economic development:

  • targetEducation
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Light Industrial
  • Retail

The North Port EDC is focused on growing businesses that support these industries and creating economic catalysts that encourage the growth and expansion of these industries.

Education: Currently the city boasts 2 institutes of higher learning. The University of South Florida has a satellite campus in North Port. The university has plans for major expansion in North Port. The State College of Florida has a 100 acre campus in North Port.

Health Care: Currently North Port is served by seven hospitals within a 15 – 40 minute drive. Sarasota Memorial Hospital has opened a 24 hour emergency room in the city, Venice Regional Medical Center has opened an Urgent Care Center and Peace River Regional Medical Center has opened a Women’s Health Care center. Numerous doctors are moving into the city to serve the young population.

Hospitality: Warm Mineral Springs, a world renowned spa, is located in the city limits, and there are plans to grow the facility with a host of hospitality assets, including a hotel.

Light Industrial: Currently there are a number of commercial parks that house light industry and corporate headquarters.

Retail: Retail activity is expanding with plans for a 987,000 sf mall in the planning phase.


Florida DEO Economic Development Portal